Choosing glass for a shower door actually has a bunch more options than one would consider. In addition to all the other factors that may need to be considered when choosing a shower door, one of the most complicated decisions may be choosing the right type of glass for your shower door. First know that choosing glass over a traditional shower curtain adds a more modern look to your space. Shower doors are also more hygienic than outdated curtains. 


This standard clear glass is one of the more popular options and tends to be the most budget friendly. This is nice because any of the light that the bathroom receives will pass through into the shower as well. Using clear glass is also a visual trick to allow smaller spaces to appear fractionally larger. Plain clear glass is often tinted a slight greenish color. A slight con is that there is a bit of effort required to maintain a spot free glass door. 

Low Iron

Low Iron glass is has the same benefits as clear glass but offers more clarity. Sometimes referred to as HD glass this glass eliminates the green tinting that clear glass comes with. Choosing this glass could be important to you if you have colorful tile in your bathroom. 

Same as with clear glass, the effort required to keep this glass clean is quite a bit.

Frosted or Opaque

These types of doors offer more privacy than low iron or clear glass. This type of surface is also easy to clean and manage the upkeep. Opaque doors often add a touch of hominess to a large space, being unable to see through the shower adds a touch of framing the room down. 


If you’re looking to add a bit of funk and contemporary art to your bathroom you can choose a tinted color glass. Choosing a colored glass can continue or add to the décor of the room. This trend adds unique themes and colors to your space. The darker the color the more privacy the glass offers. A large downside to choosing a colored glass is its costly and not easy to change out for future bathroom redecorations. 


There are multiple types of textured glass that you can choose to add a unique touch to your bathroom. Some textures allow more light to pass through tan others. A popular texture in shower doors in rain glass. This has a pattern cut into the door to resemble raindrops. This allows the shower to blend into the bathroom and offers a more intriguing look than frosted glass. With everything from bubbles to geometric patterns there are a ton of textured options to choose from. If you choose a more unique texture, this option can have the same downfall as tinted glass that it may not match future redecorations.

These are just a few options to consider when choosing glass for a shower door. The choices can often be overwhelming. But considering the type of light flow you’d like, if you’d like a design to last through multiple redecorations or if you are adding a statement piece to stand out there are multiple options for choosing shower glass. 

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