Choosing a shower door seems like a minor task when it comes to renovating or designing your bathroom. However, the look and functionality of shower doors actually can have a large impact on your space. There are a variety of doors and the actual process of a decision can often be a bit more complicated than the average homeowner is prepared for. Consider the following suggestions for ensuring the process is as smooth as possible. 

  1. Consider your space.

Before you even begin shopping, you should take a look around the space and consider what may be some of the best fits for your bathroom. Do you have a narrow shower stall? Or a wide-rounded bathtub? Is it a large standing shower? One of the most important parts of choosing a shower door comes to ensuring that your style of door will fit your space. 

large 90 degree angle glass shower door
  1. Design of door  

The next step when getting ready to purchase your shower door and have a good understanding of your space its time to consider what type of door will work best with your space. Sliding doors work well if covering a bathtub. If you have a stall door you may want to consider a pivoting door. 

  1. Glass

After you have an idea on the type of door you’d like to install, it’s time to consider what kind of glass you would like to see in the door. Clear views, textured or frosted glass are just the start of options to consider here. 

  1. Measure twice

Once you have an idea of what type of door you’d like to install its time to measure your space. It is crucial to measure twice or even a third time to ensure the door that you are ordering will save yourself from future headaches. You can’t exactly cut to size your door once its been received.

  1. Coordinate

Take a look around your space and consider the color pallet of your bathroom. You will have the option to select hardware and framing to compliment the rest of your space. You should also consider if you want your shower door framed or frameless. Ensure that you pick something to help with the flow of the room!

These are just a few of the things that you should consider when choosing a shower door. Considering these five tips will help you choose and order a door with ease and confidence. Reach out to us directly with any additional questions you might have regarding choosing a shower door.

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