Custom Shower Doors in NYC

If you are looking for glass shower doors in NYC but don’t know where to start? Then, don’t worry because, in this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about glass shower doors so you can choose the best one for you.

Glass shower doors are sleek and stylish, and they can be a better fit for your bathroom interior design and standup shower. Although glass is more expensive, it is considerably more hygienic than shower curtains.

Frameless panel shower door
Frameless Glass Shower Door

You should also think about the type of glass you like.

Here are some of your best NYC shower door choices:

Standard Clear Glass Shower Doors are the most popular option since they are contemporary and easy to clean. It has a slight greenish tint to it.

Low-Iron Shower Glass – It is also known as HD glass. This is a clear high-end alternative with a slight green tint that ensures vivid color through the glass.

Shower Doors with Frosted & Opaque Glass – It is a sandblasted glass with a white shade. Although it is still sheer, it provides greater privacy than transparent glass.

Tinted Glass Shower Doors – Tinted shower doors come in various hues, including grey and bronze. Although the tinting is still sheer and transparent, it may better fit your home style.

Rain Glass Shower Doors – They have a rain pattern on the outside and textured inside. A beautiful alternative to clear or frosted glass that provides additional privacy. 

Shower Doors with Textured Glass – If rain glass isn’t your style, there are several conventional and custom glass designs to select from.

Furthermore, you must choose the door type before selecting the type of glass that best compliments your home decor. Shower doors are available in a variety of designs. The list might become complicated, but we won’t overwhelm you with too much information. Here, we will walk you through the most popular shower door styles to help you figure out what you need.

Bifold Shower Door

This door comprises two parts that fold in half and move to the side of the shower area. It is an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms as well as shower enclosures on the small side.

Sliding Shower Door

This style of shower door slides inside the shower enclosure and does not open inwards or outwards. Sliding shower doors are ideal for tiny bathrooms when space is limited.

Swing Shower Door.

Swing Shower Door

This door swings open like a typical shower door, which may be inconvenient in tiny bathrooms. However, because there is no frame, it is modern and easy to clean.

Finally, Wrapping it Up.

Shower doors may transform a plain bathroom into a stylish one. Simply select your style, and you’ll be on your way to a more appealing bathroom. Moreover, you can consult with a trusted provider like Showercrafters to create a unique shower glass door depending on your design preferences. Showercrafters is the leading glass shower door company in NYC. They serve their customers in New York City with glass shower door installation services.

Framed vs. frameless shower doors

When designing your bathroom, choosing a shower door can set the tone for the entire space. And there are a lot of options to consider when choosing a shower door. Type of door type of glass or framed or frameless doors. There are a few things to understand regarding these different types of doors.

While both doors are glass, a framed door will typically be thinner as the Frame supports the door. Frames are usually made from aluminum. Aluminum frames will be coated in a variety of colors or types of finishes. You can choose the type of finish you’d like to match the style for the bathroom you are designing. You can also select a frame that is smooth or textured. 

Pros and cons of Framed Doors:


-Provide More Stability- This style of the door provides more long-term stability for the door. The Frame holds the door in place and up.

-Easy installation- The design of framed doors often creates a more straightforward structure using a sliding rack or hinges; this method of installation is significantly less labor-intensive than framed doors.

-Better water seal- installing a framed door allows for a more consistent seal all the way around the door. This helps ensure that water leaks will not develop over time.


-Budget-Friendly- this version of the shower door is going to be the most budget-friendly option


-Hard to maintain- Framed doors may be prone to corrosion over time. Water may also get into the Frame, which is hard to keep clean. This may lead to mold and mildew issues.

-Can appear outdated- Choosing a framed door with a particular colored frame may become outdated. While other aspects of your bathroom may be easily updated, the shower door may not be as easy to update.

Pros of Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Doors are typically made from thicker glass so they can support themselves. The door is usually on a hinge set into the mirror to help sweep the door open or shut. Additionally, frameless doors are typically edged with silicone or some other form of seal to prevent water from leaking out.

Either type of shower door chosen must be installed by a professional. Typically, installing a frameless door may be more work as the hinges or clips holding the door in place need to be perfectly installed to ensure the door remains in place over time and that the door is level all around to ensure it fits squarely. Thinner framed shower doors are slightly easier to install as they’re lighter. The framed door likely clips into an accessible pre-designed space.

The difference in labor for the two different types of doors also translates into the cost of installation. For a complete cost estimation please reach out to Showercrafters today. In general, the structure of frameless doors will cost more than the installation of a framed door.

Another important consideration when considering a framed or frameless shower door is the long-term maintenance and condition of the doors. Because framed doors have a heavier barrier all the way around, they are less likely to have water leaks over time. However, the use of metal can lead to corrosion over time. Framed doors may also lead to mold and mildew because it’s hard to clean. Frameless doors, because held up with caulk, are prone to cracking over time and developing leaks. However, they are also less likely to contribute to mold or mildew issues because they will not retain water over time.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a shower door, even down to frameless or frameless doors. Let Showercrafters help you design the bathroom of your dreams, and reach out for an estimate today!